Everyone going FOIL PUMPING crazy – and all over social media, we are seeing photos and videos of riders using their own body weight to power themselves along, sometimes for long distances but it’s NO EASY TASK UNTIL NOW!

Another way to start flying… Imagine being able to ride anywhere and everywhere without a motor with FoilFlukes! Foil pumping is a new way to enjoy your hydrofoil board with flat water foil pumping in a way that is easier and lets you discover beautiful places easily.

If you want to: Foil Dock Start, Flat Water Foil Pumping, or Catapult Bungee Foil Launch then get ready for our new product line that focuses on making all of these, easier and more fun.

Early spring 2020 we will be share with you our newest flat water foil pumping products that work with your current hydrofoil board, is simple to install, and makes foil pumping way easier. You can also pump foil to get up with a paddle and SUP.

Flat Water Foil Pumping
Flat Water Foil Pumping

Expectations VS Reality of Flat Water Foil Pumping – Experienced vs Beginner

It’s interesting to see where the use of hydrofoil wings and harnessing of kinetic energy will take things in the coming years. Since the development of our jet-powered hydrofoil board (VeFoil) we have been learning and testing new and exciting ways to increase hydrofoil surfing efficiency and with a new focus on making flat water foil pumping super easy for anyone to do for extended periods of time.

If you don’t know much about fluid dynamics watch this really interesting video clip showing the amount of drag that an airfoil has compared to a square tube, round tube, and wire. This will blow your mind and prove just how important shapes and designs must be accounted for.

In future posts, we will share more about what makes a good flat water foil pumping setup. Things like weight, best foil pumping boards, mast length, and the simple technique of foil pumping. Like everything else, once you understand something it becomes easy.

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