FoilFlukes® - Universal Foil Pumping Products

Turn Your Hydrofoil Board into a Foil Pumping Board!

FoilFlukes is a bolt-on product that takes physics and mechanical design to a whole new levl by mimicing one of mother natures masterpieces which is that of dolphins or whale tails known as a Fluke. These flukes are proven to provide incredible thrust with greater efficiency than conventional marine propellers. They are the best-known design for maneuvering and surfing swells and waves making it the ultimate foil pumping addon wing.

  • 30% Increase in efficiency
  • 20- 35% More Lift
  • Reduces Pumps Per Minute
  • Increases Forward Thrust
  • Improved Control
  • Powered by Mother Natures Design
  • Universal Foil Board Design
  • Durable UV Resistant

Install Products In Minutes

PumpFluke: Remove foil mast, place mount plate with pre-drilled holes between board and mast mount, then reinstall foil mast.

BoosterFluke: Unique booster wing that increases lift, adds forward thrust, and makes getting up foil a breeze in light wind conditions and is perfect for downwinders.

Adjustable - You Control The Thrust

  • Use PumpFluke for extra thrust
  • Use BoosterFluke for kite light wind foiling
  • BoosterFluke is ideal for downwinders

Compatible with Most Hydrofoils

The mounting plate used with the FoilFlukes foil pumping wing is designed to work on most hydrofoils. Multiple bolt options are included with the package to help you get foiling pumping like a pro with ease.

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